Ter Molst innovates: 30 new looms and 250.000 extra meters every week

Innovating is key at Ter Molst. As part of our global innovation strategy, we’ll be setting up 30 new looms in our production units around the world. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be able to produce over 250.000 extra meters every week starting this April.

The new weaving looms are part of the bigger ecological story that started with Vivalife in 2018. As a company that’s operating globally, we believe it’s our duty to invest in sustainable resources and solutions to decrease our impact on the environment. All 30 weaving looms will be increasing the production capacity of our Vivalife collection and new 100% olefin designs.

These olefin fabrics are entirely made from upcycled fibers, are completely recyclable and are produced without using any PFC chemicals. What’s more is that the upcycled fibers we use have an inherent colour and don’t need to be dyed. As we’ll be producing 250.000 extra meters every week, this saves us thousands of liters of water.