Cheers to the girls!

Okay, International Women’s Day is almost two months ago. But we can celebrate girls every day, right? For our second Belgian collection launch of the year, we chose some strong girl’s names to represent our characteristic qualities.

Manon (f., French origin), meaning ‘wished-for child’. We certainly wished for this new family member! Manon is an extremely soft, woven quality with a velvet look and feel. Velvet has been popular in interiors for over a year now, and we’re glad to announce that we are adding some new velvet looks to our fabric range.

Alice (f., German origin), meaning ‘noble’. This distinguished velvet look is Manon’s sister and matches her sibling beautifully. This quality’s patterns will give your sofa a magnificent special touch, whether you decide to go for multi-coloured accents or all-over designs. Just like Manon, Alice is available in dozens of colours and designs, ready to give your furniture the latest fashion update.

There’s no doubt that Barack and Michelle Obama are raising their daughters to become two strong, independent women. That’s why we thought their oldest daughter Malia (f., origin: Hawaii), meaning ‘beloved’, would be a fantastic inspiration for this quality. Because of her foreign roots, she inspired us to design some ethnic patterns, which we also based on typical mud cloth fabrics. Choose an earthy colour to stay close to the traditional cloths or experiment with colour to brighten up your interior.

Ask us about our new family members at We’re happy to help you out!