Anti-corruption & fraud policy

1. Preventing corruption & fraud

We are committed to fight against corruption & fraud in all its forms. To do so, we carry out all our activities in accordance with the applicable legislation in all areas of activity and in all the countries where we operate. Our commitment to preventing corruption is reflected in the establishment of principles that govern the conduct of all our employees.

2. Our policy against corruption & fraud

With the aim of preventing corruption, Ter Molst International is committed to performing all of its operations in accordance with the applicable laws in all areas of activity and in all the countries in which we operate by respecting their spirit and purpose.

Accordingly, Ter Molst International will:

  • Not exert any influence on the will or objectiveness of persons in order to obtain a benefit or rewards through practices that are unethical or contrary to applicable laws.
  • Not give, promise or offer, directly or indirectly, anything of value to any person or entity in order to obtain undue benefits for the company.
  • Not allow any facilitating payment.
  • Not finance or support directly or indirectly any political party nor its representatives or candidates
  • Not use donations to conceal undue payments.
  • Not request or unduly receive, directly or indirectly, commissions, payments or rewards from third parties as a result of investments, divestments, financing or expenditure made by the Company.
  • Pay special attention to those cases where there appears to be lack of integrity with any person or entity we deal with, to ensure that Ter Molst International establishes business relationships only with qualified and reputable persons or entities.
  • Accurately record all financial transactions in the company's books and records.
  • Promote internal training on preventing and combating corruption and fraud.

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